Stacking and Layering

Stacking and Layering



To stack or not to stack? For me this has always been a topic of conversation and observation. I say observation because I often find myself taking in every inch of that one perfectly coiffed Amazonian beauty with her stack of Cartier, Tiffany & Co., Vita Fede and a friendship bracelet given to her by children from a remote village in Kenya where she may or may not have built a well.  At the same time I find myself staring at her neckline also perfectly layered with a diamond pendant, a couple of charms to represent her children and a tassle.  All that is going through my mind over and over is "how do they stay untangled?".  I've had "creative" ways to keep them civilized but I do admire those who seem to be able to do it so effortlessly.  I live in hope.  DK  

Photo credit Style Moca

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