About Durrah

Durrah Jewelry was founded in London by it’s namesake jewelry designer
Durrah Khalil
Having lived and traveled all over the world from a young age, Durrah drew inspiration from her own cosmopolitan life and experiences and soon found her love for creating unique pieces of jewelry insatiable.

Before starting her own jewelry line, Durrah worked directly with legendary shoemaker Jimmy Choo, and then formally honed her knowledge about the art of jewelry making by earning a Diploma in Diamond Grading and Jewelry Design at the renowned GIA in London. Durrah also spent just under half a decade learning the nuances of jewelry marketing at Tiffany & Co before starting Durrah Jewelry

About the Jewelry

Durrah Jewelry
Durrah Jewelry’s perfectly hand- finished pieces of jewelry have been thoughtfully designed to be bold yet ethereal. They’ve been specially created to inspire the modern day woman to look beautiful and step out with confidence.

In 2014 Durrah Jewelry’s debut collection soon caught the eyes of many discerning clients all over the globe. After meeting with great success in London, Durrah took a bold step and moved to Los Angeles, where she continues to find inspiration. In LA, Durrah Jewelry added another facet to its identity. Los Angeles' laid-back coastal vibe, warm sunshine, and growing culture of art and fashion motivate her to create brilliant pieces of jewelry that are comfortable and stylish in every way.

The popularity of the brand has been spreading all over the world and has prompted the company to create many unique pieces of jewelry—perfect for today’s sophisticated, smart and travel-ready woman.

These extraordinary pieces of hand-finished jewelry incorporate elements of Asian and European culture. They truly reflect her love for fashion and her passion for creating jewelry that empowers women to be their best. Her designs were quickly thought to be the finest in the travel jewelry sector.